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History literally repeats itself. What can we learn from past civilizations to heal this current one?

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Often, we think of concepts like Lemuria, Atlantis, and "ascension" as if they are fairy tales and escape hatches from our human reality. But what if we could take these stories and see what parallels to them exist in our current timeline? How could we heal? What could we learn? How can we keep from repeating the same mistakes and move on to make better ones?

Because as Michelle Vezilj says, Mother Gaia has decided that it's time to make some changes. She has decided that it's time for 5D living and the rest of us are going to have to adjust. 

Join multidimensional medium and musical healer Michelle Vezilj and me for a conversation about ascension, Lemurians, and the Violet Flame!

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Julia: [00:00:00] Hi, everyone. Welcome to Becoming Divine. My name is Julia Wesley of Divine Realignment. And today I have Michelle Vezilj with us. Michelle is a multi-dimensional medium and a musical healer. Through her sessions, online content, and music she uses her gifts to uplift those around her. She is currently working on her very own musical 300 Feet, which will first be released as a book.

And I'm really excited to talk to you, Michelle. Thanks for being here.

Michelle: [00:00:37] Oh, thank you so much for having me. I'm such a support and fan of you and your work. Thank you.

Julia: [00:00:44] So I am really excited to start talking about your musical. Do you mind talking a little bit about your writing process, how we got to this point, what it took to be like, you know what, I'm going to make a musical?

Michelle: [00:00:56] Sure. Absolutely. So the musical is my life's work. So I had a spiritual awakening a good friend of mine passed away and it brought me into the world of all things, spiritual tarot cards and channeling into mediumship. And through that, I became aware of my spirit guides, my angels. And I started to receive visions.

I'm extremely psychic. So I saw visions of my future and where I was going. And I'm a musician. So I'd always been very inspired by music. And every time I saw a movie musical, whether that was singing in the rain or La La Land, Greatest Showman, I had huge epiphanies and it was like a giant attunement as I was watching them.

And so when I saw La La Land, I moved to Los Angeles. And when I saw Greatest Showman, I said, I want to write one of these. This is what I'm meant to do.  As that process was happening. I was like, great. I want to write one. What do I write it about? And my guides were like, just keep living your life.

You need to live your life a little more before this all comes to fruition. So I did a show called Crimson Cabaret. And it was an immersive theater experience. It was a lot of fun back in 2019. And I was sitting in a car with a friend and we were playing that game where you ask a question really fast, then you go, you just say the answer.

And my friend said, what do you want more than anything in the world, go. And I said, Broadway. And I was so taken back, I was like, wow, I didn't know I still wanted that. Like that had been something I'd wanted as a child. I did go to school for musical theater. I majored in musical theater and went to New York and I was in a touring show.

And I thought that I had said goodbye to that part of my life. When I moved to Los Angeles, I, Became a singer-songwriter and I was in the film industry. And so it was like movie musical! Like, that's what I'm doing! And then I was shown, no, this is a stage show. And so I was like, okay, great. I know it's now on Broadway.

I still don't know what it's about. And then I performed the Troubadour in Los Angeles. The Troubadour is an iconic space where in Rocket Man Elton John, that's the first theater he performed in Janis Joplin, all of the greats, the Eagles, they've all been there at this theater. And it was, it was like a bucket list.

Huge moment for me. So I sang there and in between my songs, I do stand up. So I like to tell funny little anecdotes that are incredibly truthful but are fun and alive. And so my show is just that. It is really a show. And at the end of the show, I was only supposed to get five songs and I have a song called 300 Feet.

And the booker who booked me at the Troubadour and the mic check was like, are you singing 300 Feet? I was like, no, I only have five songs. I'm not going to sing my Disney princess song, I'm gonna sing like real art, you know? And he was like, I'll give you an extra song if you sing 300 Feet. So I sang 300 Feet at the Troubadour.

It was the last song that I sang and it was everyone's favorite song. And when I got done, my music manager was like, you're writing a musical. I was like, what? He's like, the show, this is absolutely a musical your life. And I was like, oh, it's about my life.

It's a fantastical view of my life, but it is my life. And what I believe in. And so then I started writing it and it took about nine months to fully come from the non-physical to the physical. But I had complete trust in my guides that they would continue to show me the way.

And I write differently than most writers, a lot of writers, they start with a breakdown and outlines and really just mapping it all out. I just I was like, show me the next part of the musical and I'm clairvoyant. So I would see it. And then I would write it. And there came a point when I needed to see the whole of act two and I went on a bike ride and it was 45 minutes of just beautiful downloads where it was just moment after moment of scene and scene.

And so I wrote it all out. I've created this musical the logline, I'm going to read it for you guy. Yes. So a young woman's spiritual awakening leads her on a fantastical journey to a hidden alien civilization just in time to save humanity from an evil that has chased her lifetime after lifetime.

So it's pretty epic.

So I, I wrote the lyrics. I wrote the script. I have half of the music done. It's about 36 songs. And when I had finished it, I started doing The Artist's Way with a group of females. We're all reading Julia Cameron's book, The Artist's Way.

Which is about rediscovering your artist and reading the first chapter I heard my guide say, this is also a novel. I was like, not only am I to write a musical-- all of the music and then also star in it by the way and direct it! I am now also writing a book. And what's really cool is that the musical has now become the outline for the book.

And so now I'm going back and writing the book based off of the outline of the musical, and then I'll bring the novel and put it back into the musical, whatever the musical is missing. So they're working hand in hand together. My guides. Literally my higher self. I couldn't have crafted this better. It's just so divine.

And I'm honored that it's a part of my life's mission to put this out to the collective. So it's been a  fantastical journey, adventure.

Julia: [00:06:56] It sounds really fun as someone who is like a bit of a nerd and I really love books and learning things. It sounds as if the musical was the outline, as you said.

And then the book, the novelization of it is the opportunity for  you to channel even more specific information and  flesh it out even more. Almost in a Harry Potter kind of a way.

Michelle: [00:07:15] Okay, Julia, I have to say, okay. So, Harry Potter, JK Rowling has been coming up over and over again in my environment in the last two weeks, like an absurd amount of times.

Every time I describe the musical or the book, or I'm not even talking about it. It's just, someone brings up Harry Potter. And so I have to think that this is in some way, shape, or form going to have that kind of impact to the people who read it.

Harry Potter was instrumental in opening up the magical realms and allowing imagination back in. And because when we're children, we're told magic isn't real. And, Harry Potter, it gave us that magic that we'd all been craving.

And so that's what I want my musical to do is to remind people of the magic of the reality that we are creating together. It's just such a beautiful, thank you so much. It's just such a lovely synchronicity for me. I was such a fan of the books and of the films.

And of the musical. I read the book of the musical as well.

Julia: [00:08:24] I think that has the magic of the Harry Potter world has been tarnished a little bit with what JK Rowling has been saying. So I feel as if there's like a void that needs to be filled, if this is going to be a little bit Harry Potter-ish, I think people are going to be all over this.

Michelle: [00:08:41] It's definitely magical. We aren't in the world of witchcraft, although there is magic, it's more the world of a, an alien civilization called the Lemurians. And just to touch on the JK Rowling void, that was so disappointing to me to learn of those points of view because it's, it differs so much from her books.

And so I'm hoping in time that it is clarified and what she actually means comes to light because it is disappointing and it has created a void in that market. But it's a void that I am more than willing to fill. And in fact, I feel very called.

Julia: [00:09:20] Yeah. Let's talk a little bit about the hidden alien civilization because I was going to say that's the Lemurians, right? What did you learn when you were writing?

Michelle: [00:09:27] Okay. So I've read a lot of channelings on the Lemurians and  it's so interesting before I read, before I started writing the musical, I read Telos which is three channeled books. They're one, two, and three. And after reading the first one, I woke up one morning and I knew Adama, the high priest of Lumeria had come to me. And I woke out of sleep with "you will tell our story". And it was so powerful and it has stuck with me through this whole writing process.

And so I've delved into the Lemurian world. Now I'm very Arcturian. I have an Arcturian base which is another cosmic group. And I'll get into that in a second, but I've trained in the place, which is the Pleiadeans and the Lyrans. And then I have been the Lemurian, Atlantean, all of these beautiful multi-dimensional beings.

And so through my research and my own channelings about 4.5 million years ago, I believe. They arrived here on their spaceship Mu, and moved to Mu. And also it's known as Lumeria. And do you have your great leaders, like the high priest Adama, you have Jesus Christ.

You have St. Germain. A lot of these really beautiful spiritual leaders came to seed the planet. And it ended up becoming a very Pleiadean civilization, very traditionally Pleiadean. And then through that grew Atlantis and Atlantis was a very Arcturian civilization. They were more modern.

They were more technologically based. And so there ended up being a kind of battle between the Lemurians and the Atlanteans and it was a thermonuclear battle. And about 12,000 years ago, they sink into the ocean. And it was a time on the planet where planet earth had the ability to ascend.

It's mirroring where we are now. So we were ascending from the third dimension of reality into the fifth dimension of reality. We didn't get there 12,000 years ago, but what happened was Adama moved the Lemurian civilization underground to Mount Shasta, which is in Northern California and they created Telos, and it's an underground civilization.

They live in the fifth dimension. They have ascended to the fifth dimension. So they are nonphysical. We cannot see them as third-dimensional beings. And so Mount Shasta has become this incredible spiritual ground. And there's a lot of healers who live there. The redwoods are very close by, and it's just, you feel it. I went there over the summer and you can feel the beautiful spiritual aspects of this ground. 

But the Lumeria sank very quickly and unexpectedly. And so they weren't able to transition that many people over to Telos. So there's actually a lot of Lemurians that are incarnate. They're incarnated on this planet at this time who are now healing the collective that once sank on Lumeria.

And so the high priest Adama has been able to have this civilization and Telos. They were able to transport a lot of their sacred knowledge from that time underground. So it is all protected. The Atlanteans also went underground as well. So there's this beautiful inner earth and they are waiting for us to ascend.

So what's really cool is from Lumeria and Atlanta. A lot of those beings had the decision of either staying in, working on the planet to help raise the consciousness, to help with the Ascension process that is now happening, or they went into the cosmos and they were like, we'll be back when you know, we get back to this place again of Ascension we'll come and we'll help again.

Or they popped into our waters as like dolphins and mermaids. And they have been living in that realm. So a lot of Lemurians that had left are now back and they're here to help with the Ascension that is now happening on our planet. Literally history repeats itself.

And mother Gaia has said, I am ascending. I'm moving to the fifth dimension. And so that is where we are going. And we have ascended In December, there was the Great Conjunction, which was the Mayans had predicted that it was the conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter. And it began the very beginning of the age of Aquarius, the golden era, and the beginning of true Ascension into the fifth dimension.

So it is all here and available for us. So that was a lot of information then I just threw up, do you have any questions, Julia? Cause I know I just gave a ton of information and I could speak for hours on these topics.

Julia: [00:14:21] If you want to talk about Atlantis a little bit-- about what their beef was with Lumeria, that would be cool.

If you have anything on that.

Michelle: [00:14:29] Yes. So there were a lot of other civilizations on the planet during that time. And the Lemurians wanted to allow those civilizations to just ascend as they wanted. To move in their own time. And the Atlanteans didn't agree with that.

And so there was this huge battle between the two of them and the Atlantean. It became corrupt. They were accelerating at such a fast pace with technology. It's just darkness overcame and greed and selfishness came into play and it wasn't the thought of the greater good. And what was actually best for mankind, and for each civilization, and for mother Gaia and the Ascension.

So everything was just cleared away so that we could start over. And that is what we have done. And I believe we were meant to have that knowledge and experience. So that we could build on it and  not go there this time around. Be more conscious about other people's individual journeys and their need to go at their own pace and choose their own realities.

And two, they have to choose Ascension as well. And now that is what's being breathed into our collective and into our consciousness because we had the fallout so many years ago.

Julia: [00:15:55] Yeah. I was going to say, it seems so weird that if the Atlantean  civilization was so Arcturian, they have such an expanded consciousness-- they're like one of the most advanced civilizations in the known universe. And it seems so odd. If that civilization was so Arcturian, that would mess up so bad. Was it because  they weren't able to hold on to the archetype that well?

Michelle: [00:16:16] I don't know as much about Atlantis. I have focused more on Lemuria, but from what I understand is that there were dark forces in play as well.

It created a lack of sight and yes, they were comprised of the Arcturians. It's a mix of the Arcturians and the human. Our DNA is comprised of so many different alien civilizations and yes, we may be more inclined to one civilization, but that doesn't mean that we are holding onto all of the beliefs of the Arcturians. It's almost like the ball got rolling and it was very difficult to stop.

The timeline that we're on at this moment in time, is that of Ascension. And we're stepping into that light and that's why the planet has gone into such disarray with the pandemic.

And we're seeing all of this hate, it's all coming to the surface because the third-dimensional reality is all about pain and suffering and polarity. And if we're to move to the fifth dimension, which is all about love and unity and compassion, we have to wipe away a lot of what's coming to the surface now.

So a lot of people have said how well, it's never been this bad and we're hitting rock bottom. And it has been this bad. It's just that now we're seeing it. And so we can get rid of it and we can bring light to it. We can shine that flashlight of light on those dark places in order to help ascend.

And we have to allow everyone to choose that path. And those that don't want to ascend or don't want to live in a fifth-dimensional reality, they will leave this planet, which is why there's also been a lot of deaths this year is that there are a lot of souls who've said this isn't what's in the highest good for my soul.

I need to go to a planet where I can experience polarity and truly learn those soul lessons that come along with that, which is beautiful. So it's such a cool time on the planet.

Julia: [00:18:15] Why is it so important that the Lemurian story be told now? Like why did it need to come out in this musical that you wrote?

Michelle: [00:18:23] Yes. Yes. So the Lemurians, Oh, I love them so much. I had such a love for them. So the third dimension is all about, think with your head, and the fifth dimension is follow your heart.

And the Lemurians are big supporters of follow your heart. In fact, as I'm reading they're channeling and as I've tuned into their energy, that's what they're comprised of is that fifth-dimensional love. And the Violet Flame  can be activated within you. The Violet Flame is the flame of transmutation and freedom and it brings healing to the planet.

And St. Germain is the guardian of that flame. And St. Germain, like I said before, is Lemurian. And he's coming to the planet to give this healing during this time of Ascension. And so through the musical, when people are viewing the musical, if it is in their highest good, I will be inciting or putting fire to that flame of the violet flame and teaching about the history of the planet and how we are ascending.

And it's through this Lemurian story because the main character, her name is actually Michelle. So it is me. It's semi-autobiographical, it's very fantastical and magical, but she goes through an ego death, which is where it's the dark night of the soul.

It's right before she has that real spiritual awakening. It's where everything tumbles to the ground. And we get to see the very human side of her. And then the second act is the spiritual awakening and she learns of a prophecy that is being fulfilled and she has learned of a past life as a Lemurian and learns that the Lemurians are on this planet and Telos.

And so she goes to Mount Shasta in almost a Wizard of Oz type of way. I include a lot of Wizard of Oz throwbacks and very cleverly inserted into the story. And then the third act is all about enlightenment and what she does with the information she has learned and her mission and her journey to saving humanity and helping with the Ascension so that we don't end up repeating history once again.

Julia: [00:20:39] Yeah, that was going to be my next question. What exactly do you think from your perspective that you've learned, is the parallel between that timeline that the Lemurians and the Atlanteans were on, and this current timeline that we're on? Is it the Ascension timeline? Are they so concerned? Because we may not all choose Ascension?

Michelle: [00:21:01] So Mother Gaia has ascended, so that has happened. She has chosen to ascend. This is a fifth-dimensional reality. We are moving into that as mankind, humanity, as her children, she's taking us along with her.  It is a similar Ascension timeline, except at that point, Mother Gaia, she wasn't taking the reigns in the same way that she has now.

I think the Atlanteans and the Lemurians, they had a little bit more control over the situation. And at this point, Mother Gaia has said, Nope, we're doing this. This is happening. It's happening now, my soul, my spirit, I need this. I want this for this planet.

And that is what I am doing. So she is taking us with her on this journey.  Corruptness has always been here in this underlaying of evil of darkness. It's been here for eons. Light needs dark. We need one another. Spirit, Source wanted to experience all different sides of itself.

And so it's been important to have that dark element, but now, no longer.  And so if you wish to remain here, you will walk in the light. That is the difference between now and then, is that this time it's just it's happening.

Like we are on that timeline, like Mother Gaia and the Galactic Federation of Light have decided it is time we are moving up.

Julia: [00:22:24] So it's they're  supportive. They're like, it's going to be okay babies, sort of a thing.

Michelle: [00:22:28] Yes, absolutely. And we have so much love coming in from all different dimensions.

All of these different cosmic beings are sending energy to the planet to help with this Ascension, are not alone for anyone who feels alone. You are not alone. And these beautiful beings, as well as the ascended masters, like I've spoken of Saint Germain and Jesus Christ. They're coming in to help us and they just need to be called upon.

So anytime one of these ascended masters, or an angel, or your past loved one, or a cosmic being, or an elemental, anytime they get mentioned in your environment or your surroundings you can call them in to have a bigger part of your life. You have to set that intention to invite in this energy, to invite in these beings. So that they may help you with your individual timeline, your own blueprint, as well as your collective blueprint because we are all living in a dream.

And we have been dreaming a dream that is far less than the dream that we are dreaming now, and we've shifted and changed. And the collective dream is becoming so much more expansive and full of a lot more light and love than it was before.

Julia: [00:23:41] So you've been mentioning Jesus and St. Germain as being Lemurian.

And I think that's interesting because. Typically, we don't associate those two ascended masters as Lemurian. Jesus, the way that we're familiar with him would have been in modern-day Israel at the time. And so how did you encounter them in Lemuria?

Michelle: [00:24:04] It was through the channelings that I read Telos one, two, and three, they talk about Jesus and Saint Germain were one of the first Lemurians. They were here on the spaceship that came to the planet. And the incarnation that you're talking about with Jesus, Yes. Absolutely. He came here during that time to be a healer and he was killed for it. And I'm not very religious. I do know of his story. And I, because I don't come from religion to me, Jesus is just this really cool dude. Like he's such a cool, I like to, he's not a stoner, but he comes off as like a stoner dude to me.

And he's like this. Like whenever he pops into meditation, he's just so charming and lovely and healing and powerful. And so I believe that religion has turned that point of view. So that a lot of people feel resistance to him. And one of my life's goals is to shift that for people.

Cause he's just so cool. And I love him. I'm in love with him. I understand why nuns devote their life to him. Cause I'm like, dude, if I can marry Jesus Christ, I totally would.

But yeah, the incarnation for Jesus was when he came here as we all know him as Jesus Christ and he was a healer and he's had other incarnations as has St. Germain. And just like all of us, we have had those different incarnations as well on this planet and other planets. And in many different realms.

And so they are beings just like us, and yes, they are ascended masters, but they are like us and they understand our journey and our struggles because they too have had these journeys and these struggles.

Julia: [00:25:46] And I think it's interesting to just note here that timelines also make it possible for like Jesus to pop in now because when you're coming from the soul perspective, time is just a toy.

So it's very possible for Jesus to have shown up in Lemuria and then also shown up in biblical Judaea. So when you come from the perspective of the Godself, then you can see, I can just pinpoint a time and a space and show up there. So that's a little out there for people or having a hard time accepting aliens--but.

Michelle: [00:26:22] The torus if you look it up, it loops in on itself.

And so it, it basically shows that time all time is existing. Past present, future, parallel lives. Everything is happening at the same time. So oftentimes when I'm giving readings or having my sessions, I'm like, Oh, this ascended masters coming in, or this archangel wants you to use its energy.

These beings all exist. They just exist in different places of time. And so their energy is easily called upon. All you have to do is set the intention to call upon them and they are there with you, which is such a beautiful way of living life and has helped me move from, I, I was once in a very depressed state.

I struggled with drugs and alcohol and just suicidal thoughts. And I just felt so alone on the planet. And then I woke up to who I am and why I'm here and who's around me. And it has shifted me into understanding that I am never alone as are you. You are surrounded by beings that love you.

Julia: [00:27:32] Let's talk about Saint Germain a little bit. You keep talking about the Violet Flame. Now I have worked with the Violet Flame and it's transformative. Like really, it is. How do you use it in your musical?

Michelle: [00:27:43] So I set the intention, right? So I said, as I'm creating the book, the script, as I'm writing the lyrics, as I'm writing the music that the Violet Flame be activated through all of these things, and I have a singing bowl that is actually Moldavite, which is very cosmic. And I play it at the beginning of the musical. I've written a song about the Violet Flame. So it's introduced at the very beginning. The viewers won't know what it is until the second act, but I do incite it so that if it is in a soul's highest good to receive that healing when they come and see the musical.

Or read the book. It will just naturally awaken inside of them. And I, through the course of the musical, I do talk about the Violet Flame and St. Germain coming in again as almost a reincarnation like Jesus. Who came in to heal and to shift and to change people's perspectives and expand.

Julia: [00:28:41] I love it. Thank you so much for sharing that with us, Michelle. Was there anything else about your work that I had missed, but that you wanted to talk about?

Michelle: [00:28:48] Yeah, absolutely. First of all, thank you so much for having me. It was such a delight to talk about these things.

I, again, could talk for hours and hours about it. I have my own healing sessions that I offer through Mystical Magical Michelle, and I have three different offerings aligned with your highest timeline, which is about a life path reading, calling in all different forms of yourself, your spirit guides, your angels, past loved ones to help put you on your greatest potential to lock you into it. And to help you walk that path. Then I have connect with your loved ones, for anyone who is grieving and dealing with healing, having to do with losing a loved one. I decided to do this one because when I had lost my friend Jerome, I went to medium and it was life-changing and extremely helpful. And it brings me huge joy to be able to do that for other people. And then I have a subconscious flow tarot. I wanted to honor what I first picked up, which was tarot cards. And I delve into your subconscious world, bring it to a conscious place, and then channeling messages from your guides and angels on how best to deal with this situation and how to bring healing to your life.

So all of that will be on my website, which is my name,

Julia: [00:30:10] All right thank you so much for sharing that with us, Michelle. Thank you so much for being here. And we'll see you next time.

Thanks, everyone.